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Our Mission:

We seek to develop master-planned innovative housing estates and neighbourhoods in Kenya that enhance peace-of-mind, lifestyle and productivity of the residents by using innovative value-creation models, one project at a time.


Our expertise is based on 29 years of broad international Engineering & Construction (E&C) experience as highlighted below:


  • Business Management, Business Modelling & ROI (Return-on-Investment) control
  • Construction Management & project delivery in environments that are intensive in industrial processes and civil works (e.g., power stations, breweries and desalination plants)
  • Use of Primavera Project Planner (P3), Microsoft Project in Project Controls.
  • Proficiency in use of MS Suite of Programmes to convert ideas and instructions into action plans
  • Design & Implementation of Project Control Systems including Earned Value systems
  • Good working Knowledge of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation engineering.
  • Contract Administration (FIDIC, 4TH Edition) & Claim Analysis
  • Site Supervision & Organising.
  • Structural Design & Design Quality Control
  • Project Team with good scores in corporate aptitude tests & a team ability to learn fast in response to changing project circumstances.
  • Results-oriented approach based on sound people management (Strategy, People & Implementation).
  • Awareness of ISO 9000 Requirements (Process documentation etc)
  • Action & execution-oriented. Ability to seamlessly move from strategy to execution.

Our corporate values and culture yields the benefits below to our clients:

Corporate Culture & Qualities

Corporate Quality Description Benefits to Our Clients
Absolute honesty Total stewardship to towards client assets & investments Assurance that our clients are never short-changed under any circumstances
Maturity in handling Government departments, officials We have the maturity to follow up bottlenecks in approval processes by using my substantial networks in the industry and with my colleagues in Government. We take away headaches from our clients and not add more problems to them. We navigate the government bureaucracy to ensure bottlenecks are resolved, whilst still operating within the provisions of local & international laws
Bias towards action & execution We place a premium towards actual actions and delivery of results We keep moving ahead once analysis reaches an acceptable threshold
Business-minded We quickly translate business requirements into project implementation plans We are able to add real value at ROI (return-on-investment) level and business strategy of our customer and embed the same in project management plans
Ability to see strategy and execution at the same time Our decades of experience in civil works & industrial process construction allows us to move seamlessly from the big picture to execution details, thus ensuring that there are no loopholes in the project implementation plans The client benefits by having few hurdles once the project has commenced


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